Project Touge did a feature & photoshoot on my car!

I think happily to say at the moment that there is not much going on with the car! Its nice to have a break from constantly working & maintaining it for sure, and I’m enjoying driving it at the moment.

Last week though, I met up with John from Project Touge who did a photoshoot & feature of my car. The photos he took came out really well, and I also took a few snaps of my own.

The full write up & feature can be found here, take a read –

And a couple of my photos too

As you can see, finally got my other Bride Brix & Takata harness installed in the passenger side. Much nicer than a stock seat!

Real happy with how the car drives & looks at the moment. Hoping to hit up another drift day at some point, but not sure when yet!

My car is driving sweet at the moment! ~(^_^)~

Luckily, I guess, there isn’t much to update on at the moment! Must be a first in quite a while where I haven’t got all that much going on with the car. This is a good thing though, its running great and I’m really enjoying driving it at the moment.

Went out late last week one evening for a blast, gave it a good wash & polish, its amazing fun to drive

And also went out on the weekend. Ended up in a car park where I found quite a neat place to take a snap. Annoyingly only had my iPhone on me.

Talking of photos, I’m soon to be meeting up with for a photoshoot & feature article on my car. The guy running that website approached me on Facebook a few weeks ago and we’ll be meeting up later this month. Excited for that, but also a few cosmetic tweaks I want to do before that happens. I’m going to have a go at improving the rear arches with a skim of filler. – not sure how that’ll go, we’ll see!

The only other news I have is that I bought a 2nd Bride seat a while ago, a Bride Pro (very similar to Bride Brix) which will be my passenger seat as of Friday. I have a driver’s side Recaro rail which I’m getting modified to fit the passenger side & to suit the Bride seat. Along with Takata harnesses, that should look tidy once complete.

R33 GTS-T brake swap on s14. Done at last!

A fair bit of stuff has been going on since my last update, time to catch up!

I’ve finally had my R33 GTS-T brakes fitted, at long last. Got my buddy Stu to help me with this as I knew it was going to be horrible & complex job (mainly for fitting the rears)

While Stu was doing the rear shoe assembly & calipers, I did the fronts. Didn’t take me long until they were looking like this

And didn’t take long until the rears were done either

R33 handbrake cables fitted straight up. Here’s a comparison picture for anyone who’s interested. Left to right – s14, R33, s13

Lowered the car back down and swapped the brake master cylinder, and bled everything.

I drove it down the road, only a few miles, and the brakes were truly awful. I had a grinding noise from the back, and I had a very long pedal – something was surely wrong. Few days later went back to my buddies workshop and we swapped the BMC back to my original s14 one, perhaps the master cylinder was to blame. It turns out it was just a small bit of air, but generally just with everything being brand new, it just needed bedding in! Now with around 60 miles on the brakes, the pedal feels a lot nicer.

However, the grinding noise was still there. We found the rear shoes & discs were basically knackered so I bought new discs, shoes & pads from eBay, and they arrived.

Shoes were from Conceptua Tuning on eBay, I originally bought stock R33 GTS-T shoes, but they didn’t have any in stock. For £11 extra, they supplied me with these posh looking things, which I’m told are “in development” and are specifically designed for drifting!

Anyway, on Saturday I swapped out the old knackered shoes, discs & pads with all the new stuff

And done

Went for a drive, felt so much better! Adjusted up the handbrake after a few miles and it seems to work pretty well already! Needs some more tweaks & adjustment, but defiantly locks up nicely, real pleased.

Me & my buddy Ryan repping Throwdown. Shameless plug :)

Even after all of this, I was still experiencing some kind of rubbing/scrubbing noise from the rear. It turned out to be my tyres on the rear arches?! At first I couldn’t think of why it would be doing this, as I hadn’t touched ride height or camber.

After chatting to a mate, of course the shoe assembly backplate sits in-between the hub & bearing carrier, which pushes the bearing carrier further out by the thickness of the backplate (about 1mm?), hence why they were rubbing! Now that’s fitment, lol :)

Over the next few days I’ll get the fine adjustment device out (lump hammer) and adjust arches to suit. Other than that, all perfect.

In other news, I’ve been having a fairly major issue with my T28 oil return pipe. The bloody thing always leaks, and I can never seem to find the correct pipe to suit my car. I decided to buy this from eBay, which is a T25/28 oil return flange to AN10 fit hose.

Fitted this up a couple days ago, and so far no leaks at all. Spot on!