Snetterton 100 circuit drifting – SXOC weekender 2014 – DWYB 27th Aug

Ok, absolutely tons of seat time had over the past few days, things have been very hectic, but a lot of fun!

On Saturday afternoon me & Ryan Pothecary set off for Snetterton for the SXOC weekender. I followed him up with my Land Rover and s14 on the trailer. Its so much nicer going to events now and towing, rather than driving the s14 there & back!

We arrived in the dark, was very foggy & cold, and got the cars unloaded, gazebo setup all ready for the morning. I slept in my Land Rover, actually had a decent night sleep considering! Got into the swing of things and remembered how much I love the Snetterton 100 circuit, then randomly my handbrake begins to fail, which is not ideal when ploughing into the 180* left hander at 90mph+

I came into the pits, removed calipers & discs only to find one shoe had completely cracked! I didn’t take any photos as I was annoyed & just wanted to get back out there, so for the rest of the day I ran with it de-adjusted and didn’t touch my handbrake.

That night, a mate of mine (pit crew) swapped my offside shoe assembly with Ryan’s (as his sil80 uses a hydro working off discs/pads), and as my car wasn’t completely broken, I bought a ticket to drift on the bank holiday Monday too.

With the handbrake adjusted, a few laps down and it bed itself in, and I really settled into it. Managed to chase Ryan down, with my mate taking 1000’s of photos from the passenger seat. So good!

Started to rain, and me & Ryan got a little too friendly. We both spun into the double-apex right hander (Oggies), and ended up smashing into the front of his car with the offside rear of mine. Bugger!

Luckily only cosmetic damage though, so I did a couple more runs, although it was fairly stupid as the track was like driving on ice! Very tired, by around 4pm I had packed up & was on my way home. 3 days & 2 nights at Snetterton sleeping in my Land Rover, I was broken, certainly more than the car!

As always, here’s a full incar video from Snetterton (in the dry). I have to say myself here, but I am really happy with my driving over the 2 days. From looking back at my previous Snetterton attempts, you can clearly see an improvement, which is something I always aim to do.

And then the wet track version, along with the crash at the end

Tuesday saw a “day off” (fixing car stuff, sorting tyres, etc) ready for Santa Pod DWYB on Wednesday with a ton of friends. Pod was fun, although I was very tired still I didn’t put in my best performance by any means. Its also very noticeable how incredibly different Snetterton is to Santa Pod – almost a completely different driving style has to be adapted to suit.

Either way, I had fun. My main aim was to get some real close tandem runs down with my mate Adam, who’s also in our team Throwdown. I think we succeeded :)

It was all good fun. Half way through the day I pushed a little too hard and actually hit Adam. I don’t regret this as its something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – make contact while drifting and carry on!

It was on the same offside rear corner that I hit Ryan as well, typical. At least I didn’t replace the rear light between Snetterton & Pod lol

And again, incar video :)

Anyway, finished up at Pod a little earlier than normal as I was so tired. The car wasn’t doing its best either, a full service and some TLC are defiantly in order now. Here’s how she’s sitting at the moment

Phew! What a hectic past few days!!

Drift Taxi drifting at USC Ultimate Street Car 2014

Once again, its been a fair time since I’ve last updated this! Been so busy recently that just haven’t had the time!

On the 2rd of August, as a fairly last minute decision, I went to Santa Pod to join the Drift Taxi crew for USC (Ulimate Street Car) show. I went last year for the whole weekend, but found it way too taxing on the car, and on me, so opted just for the Saturday only. I think it was a good choice, plenty of seat time, a great laugh, good company & the car went faultlessly.

I must have had fun as I didn’t take any photos at all the whole time I was up there! Luckily, a few days after the event, I found a couple of photos of me show up on Facebook.

After a beer & Chinese with some mates who were up there, I left at about 9pm for drive back home. A lot less stressful & so much easier towing everywhere! Stopped in at another mates house on the way back who were having a BBQ, so actually got home at just past 5am! Unloaded the car, apart from being filthy everything was good.

I say faultless, there were a few minor things that I found. Both my old Bride passenger seat and the passenger Takata harness failed. This was a major PITA for passenger rides as well, so I had to fix that. I bought myself another Bride Brix (one that isn’t broken!) and bought a pair of RSA NASCAR-style harnesses. The harnesses are a major improvement!

And finally, my wipers decided to fail (again) half way through the day. This was not ideal when it was raining either! It was the same problem as I had at the Finalboss Matsuri – the linkage. I’ve since got myself a new 2nd hand linkage, and have also ordered the part from Nissan direct (£15-something). Hopefully that won’t happen again!

Next up, I have a hectic week toward the end of August. Sunday 24th is SXOC weekender track time (I’m down for drifting & grip, should be fun!). Then Wednesday 27th is DWYB Santa Pod day which I’m going to along with a bunch of friends! Too busy, great fun!!

Replacing CS2 coilover rear bottom cup bushes

Found that my car drives a bit “funny” since Driftland. I’ve double checked over absolutely everything and I can’t find anything majorly wrong, so I suspect & hope its just the alignment, perhaps been knocked off just a small amount. Perhaps an arm or 2 has worked itself loose? Not sure, but booked for alignment on Saturday.

Something that I’ve known about for a while now on my car which I needed to fix up is my CS2 rear coilover bottom cup bushes. Driftworks supplied me with replacements poly items a while ago, but I’ve yet to have the time to replace. Yesterday I did.

Old bushes looking very tired!

Burnt them out, same technique as subframe bushes

But, as per instructions, not to remove the metal collar

And done

Refitted to the car, should make a lot of difference. Here’s a video on Instagram of before/after, lol!

Other than that, all good, I hope. Alignment Saturday. Need to wash & clean the damn car too, its absolutely disgusting at the moment lol.