Replacing CS2 coilover rear bottom cup bushes

Found that my car drives a bit “funny” since Driftland. I’ve double checked over absolutely everything and I can’t find anything majorly wrong, so I suspect & hope its just the alignment, perhaps been knocked off just a small amount. Perhaps an arm or 2 has worked itself loose? Not sure, but booked for alignment on Saturday.

Something that I’ve known about for a while now on my car which I needed to fix up is my CS2 rear coilover bottom cup bushes. Driftworks supplied me with replacements poly items a while ago, but I’ve yet to have the time to replace. Yesterday I did.

Old bushes looking very tired!

Burnt them out, same technique as subframe bushes

But, as per instructions, not to remove the metal collar

And done

Refitted to the car, should make a lot of difference. Here’s a video on Instagram of before/after, lol!

Other than that, all good, I hope. Alignment Saturday. Need to wash & clean the damn car too, its absolutely disgusting at the moment lol.

FINALBOSS x DRIFTLAND Matsuri weekender 2014. WOW!

Seems like ages since I updated this last, so here’s an update and a half!

Went to Driftland x Finalboss Matsuri weekender. WOW, what a weekend!!! Everyones driving was amazing, all the cars looked awesome, and everyone was a great laugh. Exactly what drifting is all about – having fun with mates.

Over the past month or so, I’ve finally got myself a tow car & trailer licence, so no longer am I driving to & from events. This is something that I’ve wanted for such a long time, and its a massive relief to be able to smash the car about on track and know that I can 100% get home worst-case. Plus, I can take more tools/spares & tyres with me!

With that said, car was loaded up on a hire trailer and ready to go on Thursday. We left 8pm Thursday night.

Got to Driftland at around 11am Friday morning and had the chance to chill out, unload the car and and check over everything. Had a shower and headed out to a Nando’s with almost everyone that was going to the event! We took over the whole restaurant, lol.

Saturday arrived, I slept well, and got into the swing of things straight away. My first run out and I unintentionally ended up on Ali’s door! Didn’t even have the GoPro running as I always assume my first few sessions of any drift day are usually rubbish!

Got more & more into it, was absolutely LOVING Driftland. Such a sick place to drive, by far the most fun I’ve had drifting since I’ve been drifting. I thought the track was going to be quite small, but its surprising. You can get some decent speed going clockwise (which I preferred), and have the ability to throw the car in big. So much fun

Started to have a play with backwards entries! Not sure if I actually managed to do an entry over 90*, but was so much fun to practice. Over and over again as well, the whole weekend!

On the Sunday they reversed the track, which I didn’t like all that much. I felt I didn’t have the space/power to build up enough speed to nail the big right hander properly. However, a touch of rain and it was easy. Did a couple sessions chasing my man Adam in his e36, was right on his door for several laps!

Few more pics

All in all, absolutely amazing. Literally, can’t even put into words how good this weekend has been. As always, I have an incar video of the fun. Its 14min long, which I apologise in advance for how long it is, but I think its worth the watch all the way through.

The car was flawless, so stoked with it. It drives SO good as well, steering is mega. Only thing that I found that went wrong is my wipers & washers stopped working!? Not sure why, but I suspect front arch loom again!

Absolutely amazing event. I hope Finalboss & Driftland organise the same event for 2015, in which case I will book up as soon as the tickets are available. Spot on!

Lydden Hill Drift Practice Day – 26th April 2014

As a fairly last minute thing I decided to go to Lydden Hill on Saturday! Ended up being an amazing day, thrilled with how the car performed & how I got on with my driving in general, and best of all had a ton of fun!

Torrential rain on the way up made for an interesting drive, followed by continued rain while I was unpacking the car. The rain pressed on into the first 3-4 sessions (almost until lunchtime) which really sucked. Made the best of what I could though.

I put myself into Inter-Pro group, but after 2 sessions I decided to go into Pro, as I felt a lot of guys were holding me up. It was almost every corner that either a yellow flag, and/or someone was spun or stopped which was really irritating. Pro group was much better suited I think, and it went smoothly.

During lunch I polished my car as the Sun came out. Got some funny comments & looks. What, so I can’t have a clean looking car at a drift day? :)

After lunch the track tried out and I got some decent runs down

Even tried some backwards entries, and generally big angle entries into the Devils Elbow. Some of these worked, some didn’t, but was fun trying!

My favourite photo that I’ve seen so far!

BDC Semi-Pro driver, and mate of mine, Ryan Pothecary followed me for a couple laps in his 400bhp+ RB powered sil80

As did fellow BDC driver Mike Trembath.

Had a great day, and eventually run out of tyres with 1 more session to go. On a high note for the day I decided to pack up then, also with the fact I’d only had 2 hours sleep the night before!

Got home in decent time and grabbed some healthy snacks :) Pretty funny how low it is on the back, with all the weight of tools & wheels in the car!

Oh, and a drift day post of mine wouldn’t be complete with some incar videos right?

Here’s a fairly decent run, in an attempt to follow BDC clipping points as best as I can.

And another short video with a successful slightly faster entry into Devils Elbow with no handbrake, but then spun it! Was trying to get some chucks down on the wheel for more aggressive transitions, but this one didn’t work!

Too much fun, can’t wait to go back! :)