Parts collected – SR20DET straight cam engine!

Small update today, but fairly large part collected. For ages I’ve wanted a straight-cam SR20DET car, even in my s13 I wanted one, and I always landed with bent-cam VVT engines. I thought now would the the time, if any, to go down this route with the impending TD06-20G install. And to minimise “downtime” without my car working, if I can build up this engine and have it ready for a relatively easy swap with my current engine.

Here she is!


My plans with this keep changing – do I leave it as it is (known working, low milage and good condition engine) – or do I forge it? – or just do a simple “refresh” on the engine (new oil pump, bearings, seals & gaskets).

And I think my answer will be that I’m going to get a refresh done on it, for piece of mind. Included in what I bought yesterday from the guy selling this was also a spare s15 VVT block (not sure what I’ll use this for yet?!) and VVT pistons & rods which appear to be in very good condition. So when I get round to getting the refresh done, I’ll also have those stronger VVT pistons & rods installed.

My overall goal with the engine isn’t to aim for super high HP figures, I’d be happy with around 360-380hp, so even in completely stock from both the straight-cam and bent-cam VVT engines can take that, along with good management. Its months away still, but getting closer! :)

5 thoughts on “Parts collected – SR20DET straight cam engine!

  1. Hey, just wanted to say that I like your blog, not perfect for me as it is not too detailed about what you do but that’s already good, these kind of blogs are rare, some good infos here, not like on forums in France where people post in build threads to talk about everything except the build… Cool to see the work and the application.

    I follow you since I got an S14 (2013 summer), when I was looking for infos/tips/diy… about mods and stuff, had an S13 for 1y before. Don’t know why I post that on this article in particular but I did (maybe the SR20 inspired me, can’t wait to rebuild mine, I enjoyed so much the CA18DET rebuild, my first rebuild, was a bit scared at the begining, and when it was done I said “If I can do this I can do everything ! :p).

    I personnaly run a blog too, since quite some time, was on blogspot before but my picturepush account was closed (they increased the free storage capacity and couple times after they lowered it and said “u have to upgrade to premium account”… sneaky…), it was at first an RC drifting blog as I was too young to be able to drive. So yea, sadly it’s not verry famous, my previous one was more because it was on sooner, I did a lot of DIY etc, was way easier to do this kind of stuff because there is less people in RC stuff than 1:1 stuff. But I have some ideas that may attract some attention, and off course it’s in French so it’s restricted to a kind of viewers. Yet I haven’t done very interesting stuff, because as it is my daily I can’t do long projects.

    I like what I do, first it was only for me, for later to go back in the past through pics I took and remember “yea I did that like that…”, then It was to share what I do too, because not a lot of people take pics of everythings they do, explain everything etc, sadly.

    So yea, “cool story bro” you may say” lol, just to say “hey i’m here following you because I have an S14 too and I drift it too !” not as much as you, it’s my daily first, but yea some street action is done too. That’s not as easy as in america, japan or russia for example, drifting is badly seen by the “normal” people, hard to do it properly (track days, proper parking lots hard to find…).

    I’ll maybe buy a second S14 (“wait what ?” lol), full stock, it’ll be my new daily (till now no problems with cops with my “can’t be louder” exhaust, a lot of friends of my friends talk about me as they saw/heard me), I’ve been very lucky and I don’t want to mess with them so yea, it’s more like a rescue than a really need because this one didn’t move since 5years ! :/ Hope the owner will agree to sell it. If yes, my actuall one is going to be my drift project (“S-chassis owners be like : bought me a new daily”).

    Enough said, maybe too many as usual from me…

    Baï ! :)

    • Hey, wow only just seen this huge reply on my blog – my bad for not replying sooner!

      Haha, tons to go through on your reply!! Thanks for all the kind comments. Best of luck with your own project(s) as well :)

  2. Looks like im not the only one around here! good to know!
    I check this blog every two days, not to say every day! xD
    Hoping to find a new post! ;)

    Keep doing your good work on the 14! im not a s14 owner but i have a S13 and follow your work since the S13!

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