s14 Winter Build – Re-tapping threads

Bit of a smaller update than normal, but important none the less. I needed a couple of bits drilled & re-tapped and decided to head down to a local machine shop to get it done rather than attempting it myself. I’ve got my own tap & die set, but for things like this, I’d rather get it done professionally.

I added notes on the 2 parts in question. The oil filter relocation adapter (for my Apexi gauge senders) and the Japspeed baffled sump I bought a few weeks back.

Firstly the baffled sump. This didn’t *need* to be re-tapped, but I wanted to anyway. The sump plug thread is a random size (its not metric, but approx 13mm OD) and the plug itself is just a giant grub screw effectively. I didn’t like the fact that it would only seal on threads, rather than sealing on threads & a crush washer. And nor was it magnetic, so I got it tapped out to M14x1.5 which is a pretty common thread size for sump plugs.

And bought this – a matching magnetic sump plug to suit the new size.

Secondly the oil filter relocation adapter plate needed 1 of the sender holes re-tapped to a larger size. The Apexi EL2 gauges I have use different threads for each oil sender. Oil pressure is 1/8th NPT which is the same thread as the relocation plate, but the Apexi oil temp gauge is M12x1.25. So I asked them to drill out one of the sender holes to that size, and a day later it was done

Should be nice & neat when it comes round to fitting, along with brand new AN10 fittings & hoses throughout.

And, finally, talking of brand new AN10 fittings. I decided to buy myself a brand new oil cooler core. My existing one is a little tired, its been knocked about a little & it was 2nd hand when I bought it.

Should be nice mounted alongside the power steering cooler that I fitted last week. I’ll mount it properly too, on the same rubber washers & M6 cap head bolts that I used on the PAS cooler. Routing pipework, on the other hand, I haven’t figured out yet!

s14 Winter Build – Power steering cooler, AN fittings, etc

Progress slowly still going, but working on a driveway in this weather is hindering work quite a bit! Either way, here’s some more done & ticked off the list.

The power steering was something that I badly wanted to address before the engine goes back in. Its always leaked and its just damn annoying. Now the engine is out, I took time to research about it a little more and to understand where the lines go to & from. Its the return line, low-pressure between rack & reservoir that has always leaked, so it was this that I wanted to replace. Here’s a Photoshop of how the lines used to lay in the car

Mine is a HICAS car, hence mine had a stock power steering cooler. Although the “cooler” was just some hard pipework bent in a loop – which leaked a lot.

I set to remove all of this, all the way back to the rack, which didn’t take too long. The rubber hose to reservoir connected to a hardline in this photo, which is now all removed.

After measuring the thread in the back of the rack, I bought an M16x1.5 to AN6 adapter and screwed this in

Then an AN6 90* push fit bend to connect the power steering reservoir return hose to

I also bought a proper power steering cooler, with AN6 fittings. I fabricated a couple brackets up, and mounted the cooler to the front, out of the way of where I want the oil cooler to sit. Its mounted on rubber washers too, to prevent vibration.

With the headlight in place, it fits perfect

I then finished off spraying the engine bay on both sides with Satin Black, the same paint I’m using for the rollcage

I haven’t finished off routing of the power steering hose yet, as I want to get the radiator back in the car to see the final position, so I can better work out where best to route the hose. I’ll be doing that next!

Unrelated to all of this, I managed to make up my first AN4 fitting for my turbo feed. This was something I was worried about, as making up AN fittings are pretty tricky. After some YouTube-watching & research, and some patience, it worked.

I’ve only made up 1 fitting so far. Next I need to mount the manifold & turbo onto the engine, screw in this end to the turbo, then I can work out what length I will need on the hose to go to the block. Should be really neat once I’ve done it :)

And lastly, also unrelated, I decided to strip back my Apexi gauge sender looms and redo them with braided cable. Its a lot neater and easier to move the wires around using this over-braid stuff. My oil pressure & oil temperature sender’s will be in the oil filter relocation block, which will be mounted where the battery tray was. Because of this, I want those sender looms in particular looking neat, as they will be easily seen from looking in the bay.

s14 Winter Build – Power steering reservoir relocation & cage spraying

Managed to get a bit of work done on the car today – on Christmas Eve! It was pretty damn cold today, but with just working on the driveway, the car is still moving along nicely.

I firstly got underway with relocating the power steering reservoir. Something that is almost certainly required with running a larger turbo which is mid-mounted. I had 2 places in mind, either near wiper motor or up front alongside IC hot pipe. I opted for the latter due to my ignition ignitor now living in top right of the bay.

Was very easy to do, I’ve used the original mounting bracket which is hung on rubber washers with bolts. I had to very slightly modify (bend) the bracket to suit its new location, but took all of a few minutes, then 3 simple holes drilled, and its perfect. I’ve bolted it down with some M5 button head bolts facing away from the headlight area as to not protrude in the way of lighting wires.

Then onto spraying the cage. I ran out of time & light to finish it off, but managed to get the front half done. After about 40 minutes of getting this sheet masked up around the windscreen which was a right pain!

And once I laid 3-4 layers of grey primer, the top coats started to go on – Satin Black was my choice, mostly because its easy to achieve and even coat. Quite nice I think, not bad from some rattle cans :)

Hopefully the next full day I have working on the car, I’ll be able to finish off spraying the rest of the cage, then can tackle re-fitting the dashboard. I’m not looking forward to this, as I’m obviously going to have to cut it to accommodate for the rollcage, but also somehow figure out how & where the fusebox is going to mount – all with neatness as my top priority!